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Top three fave artists


So I haven't been as active as I should have been and for that I apologize. I explained my absence here:…. Because of this I missed nearly three months so I have not been able to choose the newest "Favorite Artist". This I will rectify at once!

So this time we will be honoring three months worth of artist!!

Starting with October!!

For this month we will be awarding comic artists!

Our first winner is... :iconowyn-sama:. She also arts~

APH Halloween by Owyn-Sama APH Suits by Owyn-Sama APH Sleepy Time by Owyn-Sama APH Lover Boy by Owyn-Sama

Our second winner is... :iconexclusivelyhetalia: for her unique art style.

Hetalia: IN SPACE by ExclusivelyHetalia EH: An American in Paris Pg.15 by ExclusivelyHetalia A Ridiculously Simplified Hetalia History Lesson by ExclusivelyHetalia Hetalia: Tower of Cards by ExclusivelyHetalia Hetalia: High School Baseball with the FACE Family by ExclusivelyHetalia Dreamtalia: Avengers or Allies? by ExclusivelyHetalia

Our final winner is the forever awesome :iconrandomsketchez:. Her Philippine is so cute!!

Pending Coffee part 1 by randomsketchez APH: April Fools USxPH by randomsketchez Hold My Flower part 1 by randomsketchez Tumblr #3 by randomsketchez You got owned by randomsketchez


Now onto November!!

For this month we're honoring *Drum Roll* Fanfiction writers!! (My domain!!) :D

Our first winner is... :iconarthurjones93:!! Damn she sends a lot of stuff here. Thank you for your contribution! :3

USUK Bruno Mars Proposal“Alfred, is this really the place for a date..?” Arthur asked his long time boyfriend.
Alfred had brought them to an amusement park, he didn't say why, but he seemed very adamant to it. He chuckled and kissed his cheek, “This is the perfect'll see.” He said with a big smile.
Arthur quirked a brow then shrugged some before walking on with him, as they were walking by, some music started playing. Arthur barley recognized the song then looked over to see their friends on a stage starting to sing along with the song...when did they even get there??
Feliciano and Ludwig were on.
“It's a beautiful night~
We're looking for something dumb to do~
Hey baby, I think I wanna Marry you~”
Arthur's eyes widened slightly watching them, firstly because Ludwig was actually singing, and secondly, they were looking straight at well as the next two that went up
Ivan and Yao came up after the other two backed up
“Is it that look in your eyes~?
The Dark Surfer Pt. 1
It was pretty much a normal day while Alfred and his brother were walking to school. It was a beautiful day and Alfred wanted nothing more than to go to the beach and onto the very lively waves, "UUUUUGH!!! I don't wanna go to school and sit in a boring class room, I could be out on those waves showing off my new moves!" Alfred complained.
Mathew just chuckled and said, "Don't worry Al, I want to go on those waves just as much as you do, but if we don't go to school you know your dad's going to be on our asses." Alfred just chuckled knowing full well of how true that was.
So they continued to school, and on the way they saw the British boy, Arthur Kirkland, up ahead of them walking to school as well. But at the moment he wasn't walking, he was staring at the waves with a distant look in his eyes. Alfred and Mathew paused when they saw this and looked at each other curiously before turning their gazes back at Arthur.
Alfred then decide to go and try and talk to him. "Hey Artie!" Arthur
Arthur in the middle pt.3
(Alfred's POV)
Alfred sighed as he flopped onto the bed in the dorm room he was staying in. His roommate Kiku Honda, who came from Japan a couple years ago, wasn't there at the moment and Alfred could only figure that he was still in a class.
Alfred couldn't stop thinking about Arthur, he was the only thing on the American's mind these days.
When Alfred told his brother and his parents that he was finally in love, they were so excited. When Alfred told them that he was in love with a guy, his dad didn't necessarily like that.
When Alfred was younger, that's when he first came out to his parents, and his father didn't take kindly to that information. Alfred wasn't yet eighteen when he told his parents that he was gay, so his father didn't kick him out just yet.
When Alfred was sixteen, Mathew and their mom came back to America to live with Alfred and their father. Alfred was happy to finally have his brother with him after everything he went through.
When Alfred finally turned eighteen,
USUK Asylum Fright Trip“Arthur! Wait up!” yelled Alfred.
Arthur looked back shining his flashlight over at him and chuckled, “Alfred, hurry up. We don't have all night.”
Two teenagers, Alfred Jones and Arthur Kirkland, had been at a party where they were dared to visit the most haunted place in their town, an old abandoned asylum that was hidden away in the woods, away form the world.
Arthur wasn't too sacred of the dare since he wasn't really scared of anything. Alfred on the other hand...if you were to jump out behind a wall, he would more than likely scream like a little girl. Since Arthur and him had been best friends for years, he always went to him whenever he got scared or wanted to see a scary movie with him, which is a bit odd since he got so frightened so easily...
Well, Alfred finally caught up to his friend and stayed close by him shaking some, “D-do we really need to do this Artie...?”
Arthur sighed, “Alfred..I'm not going to let Francis get away with ca

The second winner is... :iconblightfighter45:! She sends a lot of stuff to our group as well. She also writes a shit ton of Readers but chooses not to send them to our group. Thank you for respecting us and for respecting this group! :'D

Spamano-Don't Leave MeAnother argument. 

Well, it's not necessarily an argument, just Romano, shouting at Spain for no reason. 

He doesn't mean to do it, it's just all he knows. 

He's actually surprised that he put up with him. Romano wouldn't even be able to put up with himself. 

He actually hated himself. He hated the fact that he simply has no room in his heart for love. No matter how hard he tried. 

He does love Spain, he loves him more than he can say, literally. 

He tries so hard to tell him that, but all that comes out his mouth is insults and curses. 

Well, this time, Spain has had it. 

He's sick and tired of showing Romano love, and having it thrown back in his face harshly. If Romano wasn't going to love him back, there was no reason to stay. He was leaving. He wasn't coming back until Romano learned how to, not only love himself
Atomosophobia-JapanHonda Kiku, personification of Japan.

Has the same nightmare each night. 

The nightmare is based on a day that happened, many years ago. A day he will never forget, for it affected him so deeply. 

It was 1945, the last year of the war. 

All the countries are going at it. Germany, Japan, and Italy, fighting the allied powers with all they got. Japan going after America personally. It was Japan who blew up Pearl Harbor. Did he want to do it? No. It was war, that was necessary.

Though America did something to Japan that will scar him forever. 

It was August when it happened. 

It was August when America dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Tsundere- GermanyWhy doesn't anyone understand?  I'm not trying to be mean all the time, I just come off as mean. 

When I yell at Italy I only do it to protect him. He doesn't know any better and I don't want to see him get hurt. 

I don't know why I'm like this. I don't know why I just can't smile and show my happiness and appreciation. Maybe it's just because I'm German. 

Prussia hasn't exactly been the best teacher when it came to feelings. 

And all the wars, my own country being the start of one. That doesn't really make some one happy right? 

My cold exterior makes everyone scared of me, I don't like to be lonely, no one does. 

So why does it have to be me? 

That's right, I'm Germany, the tall, muscular, sadistic one that doesn't know how to be happy. 

That's not true, I just want someone to be happy with me.

Dead!UsxUK- Christmas For One (Drabble)Christmas Day.
He had to spend it alone.
His beloved,was gone.
Died going to get one last gift.
Arthur never wanted that damned gift but he insisted.
Giving Arthur that one last kiss and then running to his car. Never to come back.
Now here Arthur was,opening his gifts and putting Alfred's aside. He couldn't bring himself to open them.
He had to go out in the blizzard.
He had to go be the hero.
He had to leave Arthur alone.
"Merry Christmas,Alfred..." 

Our third winner... :iconpurpleskyjuliet:.

The Joker Queen: Chapter 1The sun was still bright, casting a diffused light through the green treetops as she rested her arm across her forehead to shade her eyes. Her feet dangled into the crystal-clear, gently flowing brook, and the wind ruffled her hair. She was holding the hand of a teenage boy in her left hand; his patched pants were rolled up so his pale feet could hang in the stream next to hers. He squinted up at the sky and watched the clouds drift by with his alert red eyes. He rolled over and grinned at her suddenly, and she broke into an equal grin that twinkled her grass-green eyes.
"Just one more day, liebeling!" he exclaimed ecstatically. "Then we can get the hell out of here and to some place much more awesome." He brushed the hair off her forehead and kissed it briefly.
"I can't wait," she replied, leaning forward to brush her lips against his. "We'll be free, finally."
A clock tower in the distance chimed ten times and the albino furrowed his brow in annoyance. "That's the call for my sect
Night TerrorThe hand reached forward, straight through his chest, latching onto his heart. He felt the pressure as the fingers squeezed and tugged. He threw his head back and screamed, thrashing about and clawing at the floating, bodiless arm that ripped his heart out of his chest. He couldn’t see; he could barely breath. The pressure strained on his bones and cracked them. Nothing he did could stop the arm from slowly pulling his beating heart out of his chest.
The sheets were tangled around his legs when he thrashed his way out of bed and collided onto the wood floor. Screams flew from his throat. He could feel the hole in his chest, the gaping emptiness from his ripped out heart. Locking both his hands over the cavity, he sprinted for the bathroom. He ripped his shirt open in the mirror and stared.
There was no gap. There was no hole. His heart still pounded in his chest, hammering painfully against his ribs and sternum. There were no fresh markings across his chest, only old and faded sc
Compatibility"C'mon, Arthur! Just fill it out for me! I get extra credit for submitting these things."
Arthur looked up from his book in annoyance at Elizaveta, who was currently begging him to fill out some sort of compatibility survey for her French class. The classes were doing some sort of Valentine's Day event – find your match or something like that – and needed students to fill out surveys. They would send off the surveys to a company, who would ship back printed out compatibility results for those students who filled out the papers in a few weeks' time.
"You don't need any bloody extra credit, Elizaveta. It'll probably just go to Gilbert."
"Well, maybe, but still. Help me out here!"
Arthur sighed and set his book down on the lunch table. "Fine, give me the paper."
Elizaveta grinned widely and handed him the paper and a pen. She sat down across from him as he filled out the survey. He marked the choices down in the answer boxes at the bottom, specifying his preferences in a partner
EternalThe air was crisp and cold. His breath swirled in the air as he walked down the path, past rows and rows of gravestones and cemetery plots. It had snowed earlier in the week, but most of the snow had since melted. He stopped in front of a gravestone and smiled distantly to himself, wiping the small pile of snow off the rock, clearing it from the engraved letters reading "Jeanne Romée Bonnefoy." Just as she had requested in her last letter to him. "In case I do not come back," she'd written, "please put your name on my grave as well, my love. Yours always, Jeanne."
They'd thrown her remains into the Seine, and she had no true grave. He'd bought a large plot at a cemetery in Orleans. A place to mourn. To think about her. Someone had said that a grave would bring him closure, so he could move on. But he knew he would never forget and move on from Jeanne. He'd buried a dress she'd left in her quarters in the coffin, along with a few mementos. The rest he kept for himself in his home i


And last but not least... DECEMBER!!

This one is just normal. XD

Our first winner... :iconpurelylove:

Deceiving smile by PurelyLove Contest entry: Nations-of-Hetalia - FinUkr by PurelyLove FrUK - Possessive by PurelyLove We know you're looking by PurelyLove

Our second winner is... :iconnekomayumi:

APH Wy by NekoMayumi APH Ukraine by NekoMayumi APH Mochi Italy by NekoMayumi APH Seychelles by NekoMayumi

Our third and final winner is... :iconminkam:

APH: Seychelles by MinkaM APH: Ukraine by MinkaM Fem!Russia by MinkaM


And I know this is totally random, but I really feel like I need to give this award out. The...


This award goes to... :iconfallenangelkokoro: who totally took over during my absence. I just wanted to thank you and the other contributors for having my back. Thanks guys. :'3

Please make sure that you congratulate these deviants for their excellent work. They shall receive their prizes soon. Make sure that you guys continue to try hard. Who knows, maybe you'll be up here soon. :iconhurrplz:
:iconmegaanimefreak7:, out. :icontrollfaceplz:


Our absolute faves. Go ahead and add yours too.


Our sister groups:

Our brethren and partners in crime.
:iconour-hetalia-family: Our-Hetalia-Family :iconcolorado-hetalians: Colorado-Hetalians :iconhetaliaheadcanons: HetaliaHeadcanons Ready the canons, men! :iconfan-army: Fan-army :iconhetalia-ocxoc: Hetalia-OCxOC No canon characters allowed!
For this contest it will cut into two parts: People that want to enter the prizes side, and people who want to be the next co-founder.

The rules are set and everything's ready, but in order for me to write the rules, I need to know whose entering which side so if you would please let me know in the comments. Just simply type "Co-founder" or "Prizes" to let me know.

Also, if you would still like to donate prizes before the contest starts, please let me know by typing "Prize donor" and then letting me know what it is you'll be donating. Thank you.

(These are not final. There may be people that still want to be co-founders that didn't get a chance to let me know and that's okay. I'll explain how that will work when the contest starts (which should be soon), but for now please comment below ASAP.

I can't wait to start this contest! :3


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:bulletpurple: :icongydrozmaa:
:bulletpink: :icon18katrina:


:bulletpink: :iconprincetheripper33:
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Prize donors

:bulletpink: :icongorse1995:
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Why, hello there (have you gotten lost?)! My name is Lizzy, but most of you know me as :iconmegaanimefreak7:. You may be asking, "Lizzy, what the hell is this?! :iconthefuckisthisplz:" Well, I shall tell you.

This is a group that my friend ElusiveFanatic and I created together. It is a group for all those Hetalia fans that have been told that they are either 'weeaboos' or 'hetards' for enjoying Hetalia. We ourselves have been called 'Hetards' so we decided, we should do something about it.
And that's how this baby was born. :iconsobeautifulplz:

If you reference Hetalia constantly, you're a Hetard. If you take one look at a world map and burst out laughing, you're a Hetard. If you can't stop drawing your fave country as a human, you're a Hetard. If you pair landmasses together, you're a Hetard. If you joined any history class (Social Studies, Humanities, History, Geography, etc) because you think Hetalia has given you enough information that will help you ace the class, you're a Hetard. If you laugh at the naive fool that has no clue what Hetalia is, you're a douche.

So now you ask me, "Lizzy, where can I join this totally self-righteous group?" And I'd be forced to tell you, "You've got to hold on a second. We need to go over the rules hon."

1. RESPECT ALL OTHER GROUP MEMBERS! :iconnotimpressedplz: I can't tell you how many times someone has come to my profile and droned on and on about how horrible my stories are because they aren't about their fave pairing. Honestly? We don't pull that shit here. We are :iconhoneybadgerplz:s, and honey badgers don't take no shit. If you respect the rules, you will be a honey badger.
If someone decides to be a total :icontrollfaceplz: please tolerate it. If you respond, you'll be "feeding the troll". Let them rant. Let them judge. Let them hate, because all they will be doing is hatin'. I'm pretty sure you've got better things to do than spend your time fighting a useless internet battle. But, for some unfortunate reason, you can't help but reply to this troll, please do it in a calm manner. Trolls absolutely lurve it when you tell them to "shut the fuck up". You'd only be adding fuel to the burning keg (... Wait? What?) CONTROL YOURSELF! I know you can.

2. DON'T BE A DICK. If you see something you don't like, click the backspace button. Or the little red X at the top of your screen. Nobody likes a flamer. If we spot you, we'll ask you to stop. If you continue, you'll get a warning (just one) and if you still continue, you're getting banned :iconlikeabossplz:. No if, and's or buts about it.

3. SUBMIT IT TO THE RIGHT FOLDER. If you don't, we'll deny you and ask you to resend it to the correct folder. Nothing personal. It just gets annoying.

4. MATURE CONTENT. If it's not meant for the young-in's eyes, slap it on there. I write mature stuff myself, so I know how important it is to have mature content. It's not just our rule, but dA's. Nobody likes to get banned, but you will be if you don't respect the rules. Also, if we think your work needs mature content, we'll go to the deviation and ask you to put one on there.

5. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, ASK. We don't bite (much). :XD: You can send us a nice little note, or you can ask directly on the profile page. Notes are more sufficient, but whatever floats your boat. :shrug:

Well, it's obvious that you want to join this group now, so here's how you do it.
:bulletpink: Go to the top of this page. There's a button labelled "Join"
:bulletpurple: Press it.
:bulletpink: That's it.
Anyone is allowed to join, but if you join purely for the purpose of pissing others off, actions will be made. :iconfalconpunchplz:

Now you ask, "What type of folders are there? Where can I upload my masterpiece?" I say, "Here's where." and gesture downwards.

Special Folders

Featured: Every week or two, four drawings (art or writing) are picked to be featured. These drawings are not always based on skill, but mostly the style, effort, and creativity the artist put into it! So, don't fret. Do your best, try hard, take suggestions and you may be picked! These people will receive points and llamas (won't say how much). :iconhurrhurrplz: They will also be featured in the "Top three fave artists" widget.

Critique Me: For those who really want to improve, you can submit your pictures here where they will be critiqued by your fellow Hetards.

How Am I Doing? - WIP's. This is where you can submit sketches, lineart, or projects that are only half way complete. This folder is to help guide you to make your art better so you can make changes before you finish your amazing piece.


Axis Powers
:bulletpink: Italy, Germany and Japan. Nyotalia goes in the Singles or Pairing folder. Nekotalia is fine.
Allied Forces
:bulletpurple: America, England, France, China, Russia and the temporary ally, Canada. Same rule as Axis Powers.
:bulletpink: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Also, Sealand is allowed in this folder, as well as the OHC folder. Same as Axis Powers.
Baltic States
:bulletpurple: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Same as Axis Powers.
Bad Touch Trio
:bulletpink: Prussia, Spain, France. Same as... look, I'm pretty sure you've got it by now.
Please note me if I've missed any or made any mistakes here. :iconbegplz:

Single Character Folders:

Only one character. Numero uno. If another character makes an appearance in the background, that's fine, but not as main. That's what the "pairing" folder is for. Nyotalia is allowed in this folder.


This could mean that the characters are together as a couple, or are just hanging out. Yaoi, Yuri or Hetero, Whatever floats your boat (that doesn´t mean you start bashing the person just because they ship couples you don´t like). It must have two or more characters in this folder. It could be an OC and the character, or character and character. Nyotalia (genderbend) is also accepted, as well as Nekotalia (animal). OC/OC is not accepted. Sorry. :shrug:x2


Fan Fiction:

This folder right here is my personal domain, so I want it to run very smoothly (I'm watching you!)

Fan Fiction - One Shots
:bulletpink: For things that will not be continued. We don't care how many "parts" it has, as long as it's a oneshot.
Fan Fiction - Chapters
:bulletpurple: For series. This folder... this one must be done accurately. NO MISTAKES!! D:<
Fan Fiction - WIPs
:bulletpink: Exactly what the title says. For Works In Progress. Not sure what else can be said.

OHC (Other Hetalia Characters):

For any other Hetalia characters that don't fit the bill. They have to be existing Hetalia characters, ones that have shown up or are important in the anime. Example: Switzerland, Belarus, Korea, Hong Kong, Ukraine, etc. This folder does not include OC's. That has a folder of its own. Same rule applies for every other folder regarding Nyo.

Well Researched or Self Insert OCs:

For you Hetalia OC (example: If you draw what you think your city would look like). If you've drawn yourself in an Hetalian scenario, it classifies you as an OC.
Congrats. MARY- SUES OR UNRESEARCHED COUNTRY OC's ARE NOT ALLOWED! I cannot stand them and they will not be tolerated. :iconangryfaceplz: We're not that retarded. If you don't know what a Mary-Sue is, note me and I will explain it in great detail.

Further info: By "un-researched" we mean (for example) a whitewashed blonde Caribbean OC, or a purple eyed Madagascar OC, seriously if you're going to make an OC, make it accurate (and the relationships between the OC and canon character HISTORICALLY ACCURATE. Also, the type of relationship must be right. An example of this: An Alaskan OC shouldn't be in love with Russia, but should be annoyed at him for selling him/her out). We're not expecting a whole freaking essay on the country's culture but at least do a little research to get the design right.

OC- Single
Oc- Pairing
OC- Group (three or more)
OC- Work in Progress


For the comedic side of you. You can upload comics, and/or manga's here.


If you are looking at your work and say to yourself, "My piece of gold sludge still doesn't fit in any of these groups!" Then send it to the 'Other' folder. It's here for a reason.
Bases (yes, bases are allowed)
Motivational Posters
3P characters (also known as the infamous ¨Colour Police¨)


This folder is for any Hetalia related thing that involves a crossover of another show/anime/movie/etc.
Anime: Hetalia/ Full Metal Alchemist
Cartoon: Hetalia/ Adventure Time
Show: Hetalia/ How I Met Your Mother
Movie: Hetalia/ Horrible Bosses
Disney: Hetalia/ Hercules
Games: Hetalia/ Legend of Zelda

(Olympic related pictures go in the Olympic folder. But the fanfics go in the Fanfiction folder).


Yes, I made another folder. :iconfacepalmplz: I just couldn't figure out where to put them. So anyways this folder is for any Hetalia characters that you've drawn with themselves (male, female, child form, cat form, etc).
Any written work will not go here. It will continue to go to the Fanfiction folder.


It... it had to be made. :iconwthplz:
This folder is for all the parodies of Mary-Sue type/ Weeaboo things e.i. parodies. It's basically a joke folder.
Like the title says, it's for KAWAII DESU11!1 <3 things.
Mary-Sues are still not allowed (unless it's a troll). Troll Reader Inserts are also allowed, so put your trollfics in the KAWAII DESU FOLDER instead of the Fanfiction folder.


Pretty self explanatory. If it moves or has a moving thing in the picture, you put it in this here folder. Got it? Good.


Yeah, so apparently people didn't get that 2P's were supposed to go into the Other folder, so I've made it easy for you guys. They get their own folder now! :iconimhappyplz: Anything to do with 2 Players goes into this folder. If it's in comic folder it continues to go to the Comic and Manga folder. Same with if it's fanfiction (goes to Fanfic folder).


I think it's self-explanitory what gets submitted to this folder.


:bulletpink: Female versions of male Hetalia characters
:bulletpurple: Male versions of female Hetalia characters
:bulletpink: Female Nekotalia (cat) versions of male Hetalia characters
:bulletpink: Male Nekotalia (cat) versions of female Hetalia characters
:bulletpink: Female 2P versions of male Hetalia characters
:bulletpurple: Female 2P versions of male Hetalia characters

Things that don't go in here:

:bulletpink: MMD's
:bulletpurple: Memes
:bulletpink: Regular girl characters (Hungary, Ukraine, etc)
:bulletpurple: Their regular selves

Basically the opposite of their normal selves


Folder for these: Russia Paperchild by iNintendo


It seems people are confused about where to put these, so I made a folder for it. Mochi Viettan by CoconuttyFlavoredLOL


Folder for Hetards that want to help other Hetards, through tutorials.


People have been complaining that this needs to have its own folder, so now it does. Anything to do with a character in animal form goes here now.


For MMD's


For the kid version of themselves. If the picture has a main character included in it, that's okay. It can be sent to either the Pairing folder or here

Where do I put this?:

If you aren't sure where to put your work, send it to this folder


I noticed that not many groups have this. So I added it. This folder is for anything that has to do with Commissions. Commission lists, commission art/ fanfiction, asking for someone to buy your commission, etc. Requests also accepted in this folder.


For... gifs. I honestly don't know how else to explain this

Ask blogs:

For Ask blogs. Not comics


Anything to do with the Olympics. Doesn't matter what year.

World Cup: :new:

For the Fifa World Cup. Doesn't matter what year. Doesn't matter what gender they are or if they're kids. As long as it has to do with the World Cup. Fanfictions go into Fanfiction folder.

Redraws: :new:

For screencap redraws and "Draw this again" meme's



READER INSERTS ARE NOT ALLOWED!! I apologize, but we've seen way too many damn reader inserts on dA and I'm pretty sure our members would be annoyed with seeing it in their message boards. You're free to submit them to the favorite folder, but that's it. So now that you've read our Terms and Agreement bullcrap, you are ready to start! Go ahead and press that little "Join" button. We shall see you soon. ;D

Group Info

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Thank you. Not a lot of people read that section XDD
Akiyata Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem. XD  haha  
FallenAngelKokoro Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you for the nice compliment; our group leader is quite wise when it comes to writing :3 we take pride in our group and are happy to have you on board with the Hetard fandom ^^ may you enjoy your stay with us. :iconarigatouplz:
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